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Breeding Program

The available puppies come from breeders selected nationally and internationally for their ability to work, health and nobility towards humans, as well as the heritability of these characters.

The cubs stay with their mother as long as possible so that they interact with each other and the mother provides them with the correct developmental and social qualities. They are raised surrounded by other puppies of their age as well as adults to instill in them the necessary balance for their future training.

All puppies and adults undergo rigorous veterinary control and are properly vaccinated, even exceeding European veterinary recommendations.

During this period, we offer the puppies games and different environmental conditions to detect the necessary characters that a working or utility dog ​​must have, and thus be able to carry out a first early preselection.

As the puppies grow and show their intrinsic characteristics, a second selection of each specimen is carried out for its subsequent training, whether it is a body search, narcotics, explosives, poisoned baits, etc. Not all dogs have the character and all the aptitudes to be a working or utility dog ​​for police forces, military, official organizations or world elite units, so those specimens that do not meet each and every one of the properties of A work or utility dog ​​but containing the same genetic load as its siblings and physical and social aptitudes can be great companion pets in families, always starting from the premise that they descend from dogs selected for work or utility and need a higher level of care, canine knowledge, dedication time, education and space than other types of specimens.

If you want to know more about our breeding program or if you are looking for a puppy, do not hesitate to contact us.

cachorros springer spaniel
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